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Counties in North Carolina have a variety of state incentives available to them, many of which have special provisions for Tier 1 counties such as Clay County. The statewide incentives include tax credits, discretionary programs, cost-saving programs, sales and use tax discounts, employee training programs through Tri-county Community College, exemptions and refunds, and recovery zone bonds.

The Clay County Board of Commissioners offers an incentive in the form of a county grant, the awarding and amount of which depend on the level of investment by a company. Eligible projects must create new capital investment of $250,000 or more and create a minimum of five full-time jobs that pay wages at or above the county average, among other criteria. Companies receiving the incentive sign a compliance document that details the agreed upon performance criteria. The County also offers businesses a fair and supportive permitting process.

Clay County’s property tax rates are the sixth lowest of all counties in NC. Corporations in Clay County are subject to North Carolina’s corporate tax rate of 3%.

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