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Clay County, North Carolina is a dynamic and growing community, the second fastest growing county in western North Carolina. Clay County’s population increased more than 17% between 2000 and 2010. Of Clay County’s approximate 11,036 residents, about 4,051 participate in Clay Counties labor force, this is due to approximately  2,200 residents commuting to other counties to work. Unemployment in 2017 stood at 4.4%.

Clay County has a highly skilled and non-union labor force with strong and loyal work ethics. In addition to those workers who reside in Clay County, the county is fortunate to have access to an expanded labor pool from neighboring Macon and Cherokee counties in North Carolina, and the Georgia counties of Union, Towns and Rabun, that collectively form our labor-shed area.

Workforce development and business services are delivered through Tri-County Community College, the Southwestern Workforce Development Board, and multiple other agencies. Tri-County operates several workforce programs, including its Customized Training Program which provides education and training opportunities to employees of eligible businesses and industries.


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